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Accidents, Injuries and Near Misses are never welcome, but when they do occur sharing and learning from experience is vital in a mature Safety Management System. P&O Ferrymasters publishes Alert Bulletins following any serious near miss or accident/injury.

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Alert Bulletins

  • Proactive Bulletin PB 005 2023

    18th April 2023

    PB 05 2023 Mutual Respect on Customer Sites Reminding drivers staff on site are there to help and the importance of respect. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB 006 2023

    18th April 2023

    Alert Bulletin AB 006 2023 Stanchion Post Incidents £ incidents where debris in the stanchion pockets prevented the posts from seating properly resulting in shifted steel loads. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB 004 2023

    31st March 2023

    Alert Bulletin AB 004 2023 Potential Fatality Drivers repairing trailer roofs Several incidents of drivers taking risks with their safety by climbing up their trailers to repair the sliding roof. read more

  • Proactive Bulletin PB002 2023

    17th March 2023

    PB 002 2023 - Securing Loads Why it's important to secure loads correctly and sufficiently. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB 002 2023

    2nd March 2023

    Alert Bulletin AB 002 2023 Driver Injury from Defective Roof Cord A reminder of why the roof cord should be used correctly read more

  • Proactive Bulletin PB 003 2023

    28th February 2023

    PB 003 2023 - Ratchet Care Why it's important to maintain ratchets and straps. read more

  • Proactive Bulletin PB 001 2023

    13th February 2023

    Proactive Bulletin PB 001 2023 - PPE TATA MAP Displaying local PPE suppliers close to Tata loading sites. read more

  • Alert Bulletin AB 001 2023

    20th January 2023

    AB 001 2023 Driver Fall from Height Advising and reminding of the dangers of working at height read more

  • AB 015 2022

    29th June 2022

    AB 015 2022 - Serious Near Miss - Falling Load Highlighting the importance of safe zones, and where drivers are not directly involved in the loading or unloading process, they should wait in the driver safe zone where they cannot be injured should something go wrong during loading. read more

  • AB 014 2022 Summer Alert Bulleti

    28th June 2022

    During the summer months, we see an increase in incidents involving passengers in trucks, drivers failing to use of Personal Protection Equipment and Alcohol consumption. read more

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