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P&O Ferrymasters has a long established Driver Training Programme in the UK, dating back to 1997. The Driving Training Package has evolved over time changing its focus and content to focus on the most relevant industry safety issues. At the beginning of 2013, P&O Ferrymasters was approved to run Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and Code 95 training sessions in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

P&O Ferrymasters has a 3 tiered approach to Driver Training so our hauliers can choose the best option to fit their needs.

  • CPC/Code 95 - 7 hour course. Can be run at hauliers own premises or at a convenient location close by.
  • POFM Driver Training package 2019v1 - 2 hour course delivered by our Driver Trainer/Auditor. Again, can be run at hauliers own premises at a mutually convenient time and date.
  • POFM Safety Standards - 20 minute video package available to view via this website so hauliers and drivers can choose when to view at their own leisure.

Alongside all of the above are the load restraint guideline training packages and Customer Site inductions (See Site Inductions page for all links)


The CPC course is entitled Load Safe for Road Transport and was primarily focused on the safe transportation of steel. As a logistics partner of various steel-related companies, P&O Ferrymasters has vast experience in steel transport.

Steel transportation brings high risks, however, the messages in the training can be applied to any product. Extra attention is required from drivers on safety issues, especially when loading and unloading, securing the load and preparing or closing up the trailer. The training aims to minimise these hazards and increase safety awareness among drivers.

The training counts for seven theory hours of the mandatory 35 hours every professional driver must complete every 5 years starting from 1st September 2014 in the UK and 1 January 2016 in the Netherlands.

The training is delivered by experienced H&S personnel, one of which used to be a driver, through presentations, videos, exercises and discussions. It covers the following topics:-

  • Introduction - Why safety?
  • Safety principles (personal and equipment standards; loading and unloading safety; assessing risk; working at height; manual handling)
  • Safe tractor and trailer operation
  • Basic principles of load restraint
  • Communication and the reporting


The P&O Ferrymasters Driver Training package is a condensed version of the CPC, covering all Safety Principles and Safe tractor and trailer operations. This package must be delivered by P&O Driver Training team to a designated Safety Champion.  This can then be delivered by the Safety Champion to the Drivers.   Click on the links below to download the presentations:

Module 1 - Intro and role of a Safety Champion

Module 2 - Safety Principles

Module 3 - Safe Tractor and Trailer operations Part 1 Sliding Roof operation

Module 3 - Safe Tractor and Trailer operations Part 2

Module 3 - Safe Tractor and Trailer operations Part 3 Sheeting flatbeds

Module 4 - Loading and Unloading Safely

Module 5 - Working at Height

Module 6 - Defect Reporting

Module 7 - Axle Weights

Hauliers can then train their drivers on the relevant load restraint guidelines - see Load Restraint Guidelines and Technical Information Sheets page to select what is applicable.


POFM Safety Standards is the shortest of our training and is all visual. This allows our partners to view and familiarise themselves with what P&O expect.

Click on the below link to view:

POFM Safety Standards


Once all presentations and relevant load restraint guidelines have been viewed:

            1. Download the Training register via the below link and complete with all information required. 

            2. Download the Certificate of Training.  Complete with all relevant information. Ensure it is signed by Driver and Trainer

            3. Certificate of Training is to be carried by Driver

            4. Send Training Register to  A card will be produced and sent to haulier

            5. Haulier to distribute card/s to their drivers. 

Training Register

Certificate of Training

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