Meet&Greet IJmuiden

Meet&Greet Tata Steel IJmuiden

Tata Steel and P&O Ferrymasters have set the objective to: continually improve the safety of the outbound finished steel transport. This has led to the introduction of a central control location (Meet&Greet) at Tata Steel IJmuiden, where, upon arrival and departure, all finished steel truck transports will be checked. Through this information bulletin we would like to inform you about the new Meet&Greet.

With the implementation of the Meet&Greet on the 2nd of September 2013, all checks, including checks on load securing, for finished steel products, will be performed at the Meet&Greet location.


The Meet&Greet is located in the P&O Ferrymasters building, location code 8613. The opening hours of the Meet&Greet are, Monday till Friday from 06:00 to 22:00 hrs. There will be no loading and unloading of trucks outside opening hours of the Meet&Greet.

At the Meet&Greet there will be a distinction between trained and untrained drivers. Trained drivers with a permanent Tata Steel pass can independently print the freight papers at the P&O office. Untrained drivers with a Tata Steel day pass must report at the driver reception desk for instructions and to obtain the freight papers. (see pdf file for process steps trained/untrained drivers)

On arrival, the truck must park in one of the marked lanes. The driver can then receive the freight papers at the P&O building. After receipt of the freight papers, the driver must report to the Meet&Greet surveyor for a check on their personal protective equipment, the condition of the vehicle and the required materials. Trained drivers will be checked on a spot basis, untrained drivers will always be checked. After checking, the driver will receive a stamp on his CMR. The driver can then report at the warehouse for loading. After loading, the driver will again report to the Meet&Greet location for a check on load securing. After the load securing check, the driver can leave the Tata Steel site.

If you would like more information about the new Meet&Greet please check out website: or email:

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