Handbrake Alarms

Vehicle rollaways in the haulage industry are unfortunately an all too common event. Some result in no injury or damage, whilst some have both tragic and fatal consequences. The common theme is that the vehicle handbrake has not been applied by the driver. One of the best ways to manage this risk is to install a handbrake alarm which is effective and prevents the driver from leaving his cab, without first making sure the handbrake is applied. It is believed that the optimal handbrake alarm should consist of the following features:-

  • Operate when engine is on and off
  • Sound if the handbrake is OFF and the driver door is opened
  • Loud enough to be heard clearly and above other noises and alarms (90dB is recommended)
  • Be audible outside the vehicle
  • Only stop when the handbrake is re-applied

An example of such a Handbrake Alarm in action is shown in the below videos.

Video 1 

Handbrake Alarm video 1

Video 2

Handbrake Alarm video 2

If you would like more details on handbrake alarms and where the above specification can be obtained from, please email tatasafety@pofm.com